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 The Dock Barnard Farm Project!                                                                                          (Updated 6/1/2017)

What have we been working on since the completion of The Old Campbell Farm?  Following are some photos of the Dock Barnard property as we found it in the fall of 2014 and as we have progressed with the restoration since that time. Though not quite complete, a fully restored and completely modern home for your vacation stay will be available by late summer, 2017.

The home, built in the 1890's by Dock Barnard (Jim's great-great-uncle) for his bride Ellen Winstead Barnard, sits on 90+ acres of private fields and woodlands. Dock had amassed significant wealth in the Cripple Creek, CO area while providing lumber for the gold and silver mines. The home he built for Ellen was quite fashionable for the times and incorporated some beautiful artisan craftsmanship. He passed away in 1941. Ellen continued to live in the home that Dock built until her death in the early 1960's. With the exception of some tenant families in the 1970's, the home fell into disuse and slowly became hidden by nature.

Whenever possible, original wood has been salvaged during the renovation process. Pay particular attention to the poplar siding to the right of the chimney as the slideshow progresses. That siding is well over 100 years old! Amazing, isn't it?!?!?! Several folks have commented that the home has looked very church-like atop the hill because it has been coated in white primer. That has changed during the past couple of weeks! The final exterior colors for The Dock Barnard Farm are being applied and are looking beautiful!!!

The fully restored home features a queen master suite with walk-in shower, an additional queen bedroom opposite a full bathroom with tub, a spacious wrap-around screen porch, walking trails, and many special amenities. We look forward to presenting this home for your vacation enjoyment in July, 2017!

NOTE: Although The Dock Barnard Farm is not being advertised formally yet, you are welcome to contact us about making a reservation. We've booked our first 2017 reservation at The Dock Barnard Farm already. Did you know that Franklin is along the line of totality for the August 2017 solar eclipse? On August 21, 2017 - Eclipse Day! - ". . . you can also see totality in . . . Franklin (2m30s at 2:35).", according to the folks at www.eclipse2017.org. But, you don't have to wait until August to visit! Just give us a call at 864-706-3309 or send us a message at jim@olivehillvacationrentals.com to book a reservation for as early as July 1, 2017, a conservative estimate for being completely ready for guests. Click to check our Availability Calendar. We look forward to hearing from you!

May Update:

"The devil is in the details," as the old saying goes. But, our attention to details, we hope, will ensure your stay at The Dock Barnard Farm is a truly wonderful experience! :) Randy and Jim installed the porch roof during May, so now work on the porch ceiling can progress. Jim has planted apple and pear saplings he grafted, as well as blueberry bushes and a grapevine. Randy has planted 4 rows of beans and corn in the "kitchen garden". Maybe most exciting of all, though, we now have permanent electricity service! So, the HVAC system has been energized, and the house is wonderfully cool!! :) Other milestones? The permanent leaded beveled glass front entry door and interior doors have been hung and casings completed. Tile has been installed in the foyer and both bathrooms. Carpet for the hallway and bedrooms is ready for installation. What's on tap for the first week in June? Trenching in water lines and downspout drain lines. As probably is normal, despite working diligently, we're running behind schedule. But, we're getting there! Stay tuned for more updates!!





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During spring and summer visits, you'll find a pleasing variety of colorful blooms at The Old Campbell Farm!
February 2, 2013: Weather forecasters predicted snow would begin to fall shortly after noon. They were correct!

Friday, November 2, 2012: Our renovations passed inspection, and we received a certificate of occupancy from the Macon County inspector's office. Woohoo!!! Although exterior painting of the east wall of the cabin and installation of the screen on the porch were incomplete, we finally could start moving furniture and appliances into the cabin and farmhouse.

Saturday, November 17, 2012: To our delight, The Old Campbell Farm provided a home-away-from-home during the week of Thanksgiving for our first vacation rental family! There's an old saying, "The devil's in the details." The suite of six appliances for the cabin and farmhouse was delivered on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, minus the dishwasher. There were problems with the installation of DirecTV services on Friday and Saturday that required three service technician visits. Thankfully, both the dishwasher and HDTV were fully functional by the time the family arrived late Saturday afternoon. Status of gas logs in the living area on that Saturday - installation pending, as was the installation of several shelves. Nevertheless, we think you'll agree the interior was looking great! Check our "Amenities" page to see professional-quality photos of the interior and exterior as of February, 2013.
January-November, 2012:
Restoration and renovations officially began on January 4, 2012 after we acquired a building permit. Just as the seasons progressed from winter through spring and summer to autumn, improvements to both the interior and the exterior of the log cabin and farmhouse progressed. Surprises? Yes, there were several surprises along the way! But, thanks to the extensive knowledge, skill set, and hard work of our one-man crew and to Jim's woodworking talents, the transformations were amazing. The montage below of before-&-after snapshots highlights the scope of the project and features some of the curious passers by, the surrounding landscape, and other ongoing work.

Jim and Pam Rogers, Owners & Proprietors
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